Rise, Photo Installation

baton rouge flood photographer photos

In my attempts at salvaging photographs, there have been many that are far too gone to recognize. I could throw them away. After all, many have lost their ink entirely. They’re just paper that has been underwater.

But I cannot throw them out. At some point in time, someone thought enough of a moment to stop and say “This is important. This is worth remembering.” And they snapped a frame of film. I want to honor those moments, even the ones too damaged to decipher.

This piece is titled “Rise” – to symbolize what the water did, and then what the people of Louisiana do, time and time again. We rise. We overcome. We carry on.

baton rouge flood photographer photos
My daughter, Charlotte, standing in front of the installation titled “Rise.”

The Project

Louisiana Flood Damaged Photos 2016

During  my effort to salvage flood-damaged photographs, I was really saddened when I came across images that were too far gone already. It was important to me to find a way to give the images some kind of life beyond their print, and this project was born.

I’m accepting damaged photos from our community and finding a way to let them live on, either by installing them in a larger piece or expanding within a themed shadowbox.

People that wish to contribute to this community art project may reach out to me at jennifer.esneault@gmail.com or use the contact form to get more information.

Proceeds from any sales arising from this project will be donated to flood relief.

Louisiana Flood Damaged Photos 2016